Still Image Extraction Apparatus

WO 2012/102276 A1



Overview of patent


In a technique provided by existing still image extraction apparatuses, it is possible to set an evaluation value to each of a plurality of frames of a moving image or the like depending on a face direction and a facial expression, and then extract a desired still image frame.

According to the technique, however, a user may not necessarily like the extracted frame since conditions on the basis of which a still image is desired to be extracted may vary among different individuals.

International Patent Publication No.WO2012/102276A1 shows a technique allowing a user to extract a desired still image from a plurality of frames.


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Point of patent


  • A user can extract a desired still image by inputting extraction conditions.
  • Exclusion conditions can also be set.
  • Extraction of a similar still image can be inhibited.
  • A still image at the moment of a change can be extracted by inputting a condition of a still image of the moment.



Other features


  • Exclusion conditions can also be set.imgabst_e00...
    -->Eye blinking. Defocusing.

  • Extraction conditions can be retrieved from the server.
    -->Anyone can easily set a moment to specify a still image.
  • Extraction conditions can be transmitted to the server.
    -->Extraction conditions can be shared with other still image extraction apparatuses.
  • Extraction of similar still images can be suppressed, leading to cost saving.
    -->Complexity in selection can be reduced.
  • A frame that most satisfies the extraction condition can be extracted from the same group.
    -->The most suited frame desired by a user can be extracted.
  • A specific or similar face can be registered.
    -->A still image of a user’s favorite face or facial expression can be easily extracted.?
  • A change in an object can be detected to extract start of the change.
    -->A still image at the moment of a collision, for example, can be extracted.
  • Movement of an object can be detected to extract the moment of stop of the change.
    -->The decisive moment can be extracted from a plurality of frames.
  • When an external command is inputted, a frame depending on a response speed can be extracted.
    -->A frame immediately preceding the moment of the input can be extracted.

  • Reaching to a highest reaching point can be registered to perform extraction.
    -->A frame of the moment at which an object reaches the highest reaching point can be extracted.
  • Extraction from among a matching frame as well as preceding and succeeding frames can be performed.
    -->A user can easily extract an optimal frame.
  • The still image extraction program is a program to cause a computer to function as respective constituting devices.